100% Clean Electricity for all of Maui

HINA proposes to build the world's largest 100% power system,
making electricity from sun and wind and storing it in water.

With HINA, Maui Electric could achieve 100% renewable by 2020
and have the world's lowest electricity generation costs after 2030.

Maui is the Showcase for World Energy Transformation
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Today: Diesel Generators

Maui (150,000 people) spends $250 million per year on fuel and emits 600,000 tons of CO2. Not a good idea, if you love money and climate.

In Progress: Solar and Wind

Two windfarms and many PV systems produce 28% of Maui's electricity, one of the highest rates in the world, but now the grid gets full.

Next: Massive Storage

HINA combines solar and wind energy with advanced, high-tech pumped hydro storage. 57% of all energy needs to go through storage.


HINA solves many problems. Click any for details:

About Us

HINA is developed by a Maui-based team.

The first concepts of HINA were drawn up and presented in Maui 24 years ago. Over the years the idea of a 100% renewable utility has grown around the world and has become a movement with concrete solutions to climate challenges. HINA Power Corp was created to study, design and realize the concept and serve the people of Maui.

  • CEO

    Currently Open

    HINA is searching for the perfect CEO, who combines clarity of mission with in-depth knowledge of large construction projects in Hawaii.

  • Chris Mentzel, M.S.

    Principal Researcher

    Born and educated in Germany, Chris found his true home in Maui 24 years ago. He started 8 successful companies in Germany, Maui and California.

  • Carl Kalin, E.E. MIT

    Business Development

    Carl was educated at MIT and went on to play leading roles in energy-related businesses and startups around the United States.

  • We are Hiring!

    Join Us

    You know that little voice inside of you that tells you what is the right thing to do? You have a special gift to advance HINA's mission? OK, let's talk.


We are partnering with an international Team of Advisors and Organizations.

HINA is a great project. Hawaiians need to be self sustainable.

Kimokeo Kapahulehua, Hawaiian Elder

HINA is an exciting project and embodies the attributes that I have always felt necessary for a holistic renewable energy system.

John Eastwood, Engineer


Thank you for your interest in HINA. We’d love to hear from you.

HINA Power Corp.
P.O. Box 158
Kihei, Maui, HI 96753

Phone: (808) 205-0392

Email: info@hinacorp.com